Flag Raising Ceremony Lowell Ma.

2017 Scholarship Receipient's

Pictured above are 2017 Scholarship Receipient's

From left to right

Commander Richard Juknavorian,  Armen Almasian, Richard Minasian, Michael Mahlebjian, Varkes Hovsepian for his son Armen Hovsepian
,George Manuelian Scholarship Chairman.  Not Pictured Isabelle Kapoian.

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are held on the 
4th Thursday of each month.
Meeting are held at the 

190 Plain St
Lowell, Ma 01852

If you would like to join us for one of
our meetings please send an email to:


Our next meeting will be
October 26, 2017
7:00 p.m


Finalize Scholarship Dance


Hagop (John) Dulgarian

On Saturday September 23, 2018, the Armenian American Veterans Sam Manoian Post #1
Presented to SSG Hagop (John) Dulgarian a citation for his service in the U.S. Army.

We also presented John with a WWII Pin, a United Stated Combat Flag, and at last a pin; a “Ruptured Duck” which denotes the Honorable discharge from WWII and all wars before and after.

During WWII many served valiantly, and to mention what John and his team have done would not be an easy task.

After dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and then later Nagasaki, SSG Hagop Dulgarian with his US Army team of Intelligence were the first American Army soldiers to step into the Japanese main land, as the occupying US Forces were landing and treaties were being prepared to be signed.

The Citation reads.

This Certificate of appreciation and gratitude with a WWII recognition Pin is presented to

SSG Hagop (John) Dulgarian

By Armenian-American Veterans Organization to acknowledge your service during World War II, in the Pacific Theater, in Japan.

AAV extends its gratefulness to you, your team, and men and women who were the First Americans occupying Japan after the Atomic Bomb.

Your Service is a great source of pride for, Our Community, AAV, Your Peers, Your Unit,

and The United States Army.

The Armenian American Veterans along with all those attended that night greatly appreciated
John for him service in the United States Army


Polish American Veteans

The Armenian American Veterans would like to thank 
the Polish Americans for letting us use their club for the
last 20 years for our meetings.  We hope that you will
find a new home soon.


Memorial Day May 29, 2017


Armenian American Veterans at Lowell Cemetary.

Left to right...Armen Jeknavorian, Richard Juknavorian, George Hagopian, Dennis Paroyian, Rick Beaumister, Bruce Kayajanian, George Graham, George Manuelian, George Hamel, Mark Juknavorian.



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